Our mission is to transform the global data storage environment with our pioneering decentralized cloud storage solutions. We envision a decentralized internet where freedom of expression isn’t bound by the philosophy of those who govern the internet and users have complete sovereignty over their data without any concerns of monopolistic institutions misusing their powers by compromising the security and privacy of their users for the sole purpose of making greater profits.

By utilizing a peer-to-peer network, StorX will eliminate any third party from accessing the data through unauthorized means and prevent the data from being manipulated or exploited. This will…

StorX is excited to announce its partnership with D’CENT Wallet to support the $SRX token — the native cryptocurrency token of StorX Network’s decentralized cloud storage platform. This collaboration is a testament to the potential that the SRX token holds and users can now create their XDC linked SRX account on D’CENT’s easy-to-use and secure digital wallet.

The D’CENT wallet ecosystem consists of state-of-the-art crypto protection built on the highest security standards and the platform’s mobile interface allows users to manage three crypto wallets — Biometric Wallet, Card-Type Wallet, and Software Wallet simultaneously in a seamless manner on one app…

If you are looking for a secure and private space to store your data online and have selected StorX as the cloud storage of your choice then you have taken one step in helping us build a decentralized internet that is for the community by the community. In this article, we take a look at the step-by-step guide on how to use StorX. You can also watch the video demo on how to use StorX on Youtube.

What is StorX?

StorX is a decentralized cloud storage network, Which empowers users to store their data securely on the cloud. Each file…

StorX Network aims to transform the way data is stored with a blockchain-based decentralized cloud storage solution that cannot be monitored, censored, blocked, or have downtime. From solving the challenges faced while storing data securely online to not having our personal information stored in the hands of a few third-party entities, StorX holds the potential to usher netizens to a safer and more secure version of the internet that is decentralized — Web 3.0.

Features of StorX

  • Greater Security — StorX is based on XinFin’s blockchain platform and inherits its advanced security features, including immutability and consensus. Additionally, it features…

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There is growing excitement about the upcoming launch of the StorX network and co-founder Handy Barot shares his valuable insights with us to boost the community’s morale and to keep FUD at bay. In this candid Ask Me Anything (AMA) session, Barot addresses questions that the StorX community has frequently been asking on social media and elsewhere.

Question: Tell us more about yourself and how you came up with the idea of implementing blockchain technology to build a decentralized cloud storage network such as StorX.

Before the COVID-19 pandemic brought the whole world to a halt, I traveled around the…

World Backup Day

This is an era where “Data is the new gold” and World Backup Day on 31st March is a reminder for all to protect the valuable data by saving a secure backup and eliminating the risk of losing precious files.

As most of the people become more reliant on technology and data, there is a growing importance of making sure that the data is safe so the people never lose their precious images and videos from your family trip or important documents from work that was deleted unknowingly. …

This International Women’s Day we take a look at 9 inspirational leaders who did some amazing work in Blockchain Space.

It’s a well-known fact that there are fewer women who follow a career path in Technology. Despite the noticeable shift in the way we talk about gender equality — it’s no longer about proving there is a gap, but about how we fill it — and the significant effort going into the latter, in 2021 women still only made up minuscule numbers especially in the Blockchain Tech, This International Women’s Day (March 8th), we share our most inspiring women in Fintech, Blockchain, and Crypto. Ladies, we at StorX Tech salute you.

1. Galia Benartzi

Co-Founder, Business Development at Bancor

StorX Network

StorX helps you securely encrypt, fragment and then distribute important data across multiple hosting nodes spread worldwide.

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